Saturday, March 5, 2016

Hut #1 - Keppels Hut

In the hills behind Marysville, near the boundary of the Rubicon State Forest and the Yarra Ranges National Park, lies Keppels Hut. 

Probably the closest hut to Melbourne and certainly one of the easier huts to reach, Keppels Hut makes a perfect starting point in our quest to visit each of the huts in the Victorian High Country.

Distance from Melbourne: 124 km
Access Rating: Medium (AWD Friendly) in dry conditions
Scratchy Rating: Not at all scratchy
What's there: Picnic tables, fire pit, composting toilet, horse yards

There is a tiny stream running down behind the hut, and enough cleared grass for a few tents to be pitched. As with most huts, the hut itself should be used as emergency shelter so if you're planning to go up and stay overnight, take your own camping gear rather than planning to stay in the hut.

The area was devastated by the Black Saturday bushfires of 2009, and the surrounding landscape is a pressing, and at times oppressive reminder of the ferocity and damage of those fires. A great place to day trip to, a nice spot for an overnight camp, but I wouldn't want to spend a week there. Still a great way to kick off a hut-hunting adventure.

More information, and somewhat approximate directions, can be found in the DSE Forest Notes

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